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D FENCE advice + I'll answers yours


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I have the Texans D this week vs the Titans and next week vs the Jags.


But now, which one of these D would you pick up (in order) for weeks 15 & 16 :


- Ravens : vs Jac, @ Hou

- Titans : vs NYJ, @ Jac

- Packers : @ Buf, @ TB

- Chiefs : vs Oak, @ Pit

- Texans : @ Ind, vs Bal


Thank you !

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Titans have the best matchups but arent a good defense.

Ravens secondary is getting pretty bad but has a great pass rush and run dfense

Chiefs without berry could slip a little but i like them against oakland after just losing to them

Pakers are ok but both road games

I would prob take cheifs for 15 and then back to texans 16

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I agree with above Ravens and Packers. The packers and Ravens will have to play their starters through week 16 they are in the playoff hunt/division leader battle. Chiefs will have a tough time with PIT and HOU will struggle with IND and Ravens. Help me out with mine. I am debating on DEFs as well.

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I think the Ravens no matter what will not hurt you and have a good potential weekly to at least bring modest fantasy value.. Houston is boom/bust. I like Houston and the Ravens, I think the Ravens are a safer play but their secondary is not the best they still are opportunistic.

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