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How many drafted players do you have left


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If you have a few minutes its fun to recap. I just went thru my drafts in all 4 leagues to see how many players I have left that I drafted. lol This year was tough with injuries and suspensions. Has not been a great year but i keep a close eye on waivers and could still make playoffs in all 4. Only 1 mistake in dropping players was dropping watkins early in the 8 team

team 1 (10 team)

Lost peterson, hillman, and bradshaw to injuries and suspension

3 players of the 16 I drafted left

team 2 (8 team)

6 of the 16 left

team 3 (12 team)

lost peterson and rice because they are thugs

5 of 16 left

team 4 (16 team)

lost rice (see above)

4 of 15 left

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5 -- Wilson, Nelson, Gronk, Benjamin and Dan Baily.


Meanwhile, I've started 13 different running backs with another four that never made it off my bench. This is the first time I've ever streamed running backs and it's been entirely out of necessity, not by design.


-- Cliff

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4 left - Rodgers, Forte, J. Thomas, and D-Jax


I did really well this year preying on injured players that were dropped / drops to fill injured spots. Notable ones - Ingram, R. Jennings, Sanders, and Benjamin. Also hit some good spot starts like Asiata's 3TD game in WK 4, B. Quick's breakout game in WK 5, and MIA D's 26pts in WK 8.


Notable draft drops: M. Ball, Crabtree, and RG3

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