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Jordan Matthews or DeSean Jackson


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I have Roddy White and Matthews now. Fred Jackson at my flex. With McCoy playing could Jackson actually be valuable again. He has been open plenty, RG3 couldn't throw him the ball. Matthews has been solid since Sanchez. Both their matchups arent the best but they are my best WR for number 2. I think if Jackson comes out ready to go with new QB his Boom is BIG. Matthews against Dallas could be another 6 catch 80 yards performance which is fine but not if Jackson has 25+ on the bench.

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I just read about McCoy, and now have to include DJax in my lineup debate. If I remember he did pretty well with McCoy at QB, and the energy he plays with might be just what the team needs.


I would say Matthews has a higher floor but with less upside, just depends on what you need out of the position to win.


DJax w/ McCoy vs. DAL: Tgt - 7 Rec - 6 Yds - 136

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It's about time they bench RG3, and that's sad coming from a Redskins fan. But the truth of the matter is, McCoy runs the offense a lot better than RG3 and out does. He takes deep shots to Jackson and doesn't over throw him by 10 yards. With McCoy the starter, I like DJAX this week but Matthews should put up good numbers in a thanksgiving day shootout. Coin flip for me.

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