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The Cutler Problem


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I remember asking if I should play Jay Cutler against Minnesotes tough Defense against QBs and Jay Cutler goes off.


Last week he doesn't do so hot against Tampa Bay's horrible DEF (He probably could have if it didn't start raining, IDK)


So how about this week?


He has a tough match up... but Cutler has done well against some tough Defenses. I don't know what to do.


Here are some QBs on the Waiver Wire that I could maybe pick up.


Mark Sanchez @ Dallas

Alex Smith vs Denver

Bridgewater vs Carolina

Dalton @ Tampa Bay

Eli Manning @ Jacksonville


What would you do?

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Agreed, I think Eli has an amazing matchup this week. I think he or Sanchez are a lock for 250 and 2 TD's.. I like Eli for this week, perhaps Sanchez is ok insurance for down the road.. actually when I look at Eli's schedule it's pretty soft (@Jax, @Ten, Wsh, @STL) ODB and a healthy Jennings definitely helps out Eli a lot I think we saw it last week. You run a risk of those INTs but he has potential for 300 and multiple TD's weekly.

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I am in the same predicament. I benched Cutler against Minn in favor or McCown and Cutler outscored him. Last week I played Cutler over McCown and Cutler was god awful.


I picked up Eli this week (I was outbid for Flacco & Alex Smith) and think his playoff schedule is soft, with the exception of week 16 @ STL.


I'm still struggling with the decision, but as of now I'm rolling with Eli for this week.

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I tinkered with Cutler twice and he scored his 2 highest games those 2 times lol. I'm going to take that chance with Eli. I'm already in the playoffs, 99.9% sure. I just want to win this week lol.


Cutler plays week 16 vs Detroit too. That's going to be risky to play him too.

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