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Last minute lineup changes hurting or helping you?


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Think i'm the worlds worst when it comes to 2nd guessing myself , at least 5-6 times this season i've changed my lineup at 12:55 ET or closer of kickoff and cost myself valuable points.


This week was a doooozy though .


I pulled Tre Mason and put in Evans for my flex


In another league i have major QB issues and there was only 1 starting QB in the FA pool , so i scooped him up Sunday before kickoff and left my other scrub Fitzpatrick on the bench , who then proceeded to blow up.


Another league i was locked and loaded with D.Harron at flex and pulled him for Charles Johnson



If i'd just leave my original lineups in place and never change them unless based on injury i could have saved myself at least 5-10 wins across various leagues this season.


Hope others are making changes that are helping you out , but for me . I suck at it !

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Almost always results in a loss of points. When I make my initial lineup decisions I am taking a close look at all the data. When I make the late swap I am typically overreacting to some news bit or just being stupid.

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I started Donte Moncrief in one league on a last second "I need to swing for the fences move" over Pierre Garcon. I won by 3 points. But I have done the opposite plenty as well. Most recently, I sat Crabtree for Andre Holmes and lost by the 4 points that Crabtree would have gotten (Holmes scored zero that week).

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