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Playoffs - Need to pick a QB (slim, slim pickings). HELP!


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Ok, I just made the playoffs in our 14 team league. I won my division and am going in as 2nd seed overall mostly because my waiver wire selections got really hot in the past few weeks. Both of my QB's (Foles, then Palmer) went down in weeks 10 & 11, but somehow I've managed to stay alive.


I've been rotating my starter from the waiver/free agency pool each week depending on their matchups. Tonight will be the last opportunity I have to pick my QB for the next 3 weeks. Waiver/free agency closes at the start of our playoffs. I'm going to allow 2 spots for QB's on my roster.


My current roster is (standard PPR scoring):

** indicates who I intend to start this week

Zach Mettenberger Ten - QB, Sun 1:00 pm vs NYG

Josh McCown TB - QB, Sun 1:00 pm @ Det,

** Odell Beckham Jr. NYG - WR, Sun 1:00 pm @ Ten

Kelvin Benjamin Car - WR, Sun 1:00 pm @ NO

Mike Wallace Mia - WR, Sun 1:00 pm vs Bal

** DeMarco Murray Dal - RB, Thu 8:25 pm @ Chi

** Arian Foster Hou - RB, Sun 1:00 pm @ Jax

C.J. Anderson Den - RB, Sun 4:05 pm vs Buf

** Coby Fleener Ind - TE, Sun 1:00pm vs Cle

** Cody Parkey Phi - K, Sun 4:25 pm vs Sea

** Indianapolis Ind - DEF


Alright, who y'all thinking for the next 3 weeks (assuming I'm alive)?

(Keep in mind, a lot of teams may bench their starting QB in week 16 if they are officially out of the playoffs....)


Zach Mettenberger Ten - QB, Sun 1:00 pm vs NYG

Josh McCown TB - QB, Sun 1:00 pm @ Det,

Colt McCoy Was - QB

Johnny Manziel Cle - QB

Teddy Bridgewater Min - QB

Shaun Hill StL - QB

Derek Carr Oak - QB

Drew Stanton Ari - QB

Blake Bortles Jax - QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick Hou - QB

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Also important to consider..... _______________ gives up the most fantasy points to the QB position:


Washington Redskins vs QBs 24.98

Chicago Bears vs QBs 24.34

New York Jets vs QBs 23.70

Baltimore Ravens vs QBs 22.21

Denver Broncos vs QBs 22.13

Oakland Raiders vs QBs 21.99

Carolina Panthers vs QBs 21.97

New Orleans Saints vs QBs 21.81

Pittsburgh Steelers vs QBs 21.78

Philadelphia Eagles vs QBs 21.54

New York Giants vs QBs 21.38

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs QBs 20.51

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Whoa... The good thing is, it's PPR, so QBs are less valuable, relatively speaking.


The bad thing is, I think Fitzpatrick and Manziel are your best options from that bunch. McCoy's a close third, since Manziel might not even start. Tho I would not play either Fitz or Johnny against the Ravens during those weeks.


Thanks for reminding me why I'm not in any 14-team leagues.

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If this is the last week you can add I'm not sure I'd take a chance on Manziel. The Browns are fighting for a playoff spot, If Manziel comes in and stinks up the joint they are going to pull him and put in Hoyer. Or they will start Hoyer again and pull him for Manziel. IMO your safest bet is to roster Fitzpatrick and either McCoy or McCown

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Not truly knowing Manziel's future worries me. If it was regular season, I would take a chance. But heading into the playoffs, I can't afford the bench spot.


I was thinking: Fitz @ Jacksonville Wk 14 and Indy Wk 15, then if I make it to the finals in Wk 16, go McCoy @ Phi.


My only worry is that McCoy gets benched and if Houston is out of playoff contention, Fitz is benched as well.... either way, I'll be in the money then anyway. Then again, with Mallett out, is there anyone else? haha.


Maybe I'll roll Fitz to the end and take a gamble with Manziel to see if he lights it up this weekend... the rushing threat would be great! A lot to consider before tonights waiver selection.... I have the 3rd spot. (I could also grab someone to block someone else from getting them...then drop them on Saturday and pick up Fitz then..... hmm.... is that wrong? haha)

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