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Intentional Ties


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If two teams can intentionally tie (bench all of their players) to ensure that they both make the playoffs, is that unethical? I know it's unethical to throw a game to help someone else, but when you're both benefitting isn't it more like taking a knee to protect a lead?


TOPIC SHOULD READ: "Intentional Ties"

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Short answer, no not fair, and sounds like collusion (both players agreed to do this to benefit each other).


First you should always play your best team, whether losing benefits you shouldn't matter, if there's a chance that your losing benefits another team it should not be done.


I think the same applies here, it isn't ethical. I'm assuming that if these 2 teams do not tie there is a chance one or both do not make the playoffs. If the two owners have discussed it and decided to bench their players to createa a 0-0 tie situation to ensure they make the palyoffs they are also colluding.


And no, it isn't anything like taking a knee to protect a lead. It is collusion to gain an unfair advantage.


PS Some will probably give the standard "if your rules don't prohibit this then it is ok, ethical or not". I personally feel differently and think people should play fair and not treat this like some utlimate warfare where "anything is ok if not covered in the rules".

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No this is not like taking a knee...the equivalent would be if both nfl teams took a knee on every play until the game ended and because they are both goin to the playoffs. This is collusion and stop trying to find a way around and just play the game....why do so many people try to cheat the system. Play your best lineup and see what happens and stop screwing others over.

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I don't see how you could bench your entire team? My leagues don't have enough bench spots for an entire extra starting line up. But anyways that is clearly colluding. I would not allow it as Commish


Depends on league setup and how the site works. We have 9 starters and 9 reserve, but that doesn't prevent me from benching my whole team. It just warns me that I have an invalid line-up (and we have nothing in our rules saying that isn't allowed, but we all have common sense and integrity enough to understand it isn't right).

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