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Commish sent email about playoff tie breaker...!


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The commish just sent out an email about playoff tie breaker. My team is the Hernandez Hitmen. Should I make it over the other team mentioned? I copied the bulk of the email and would like some opinions on the matter.


Here is his email......

Okay, we have another 3 way tie for two spots in the playoffs. Big Birds, Flexall, and Hernandez hitmen all finished with a 7-6 record.


The website has Flexall and Big Birds making the champions playoff and leaving Hernandez hitmen out. According to the website, the tie breaker for the playoffs is head to head record. The only team that played the other two teams was Big Birds beating Hernandez and splitting with Flexall 1-1. Unfortunately, this is the only filter for tie breakers on the NFL website.


So Big Birds should get the first open playoff spot. Flexall and Hernandez did not play each other. Here is an argument for each team.


Flexall - has a 3-3 divisional record, but has only scored 1415 points this year. 9th best power ranking (seen on the standings page under breakdown)


Hernandez Hitmen - only has a 2-4 divisional record, but has scored the second most points with 1804. 3rd best power ranking


So what do you think? Should I be in?

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I would guess the LM set up the tie breaker incorrectly to have H2H as the only tie breaker. On our league site H2H is the only one listed but on the generic NFL.com league tie breakers it has 1)H2H 2)Division record 3) Total pts. The only argument against me is the division record but that sucks for me with the #1 and #2 overall ranked teams being in my division. IMO H2H and division record used as the first 2 tie breakers makes no sense, since we had a division winner make it with a 5-8 record. Total points is the only way to go.

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