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How does nfl.com handle a 3 way tiebreaker?


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Just wondering if anyone can advise here. I'm in a 10 team league, no divisions. In the league settings for tie-breaker all it says it head to head with no other information. The league owner wont have changed anything so it will be whatever the default is.


There are 3 teams on 8-6.


Team A wins h2h with team B

Team B wins h2h with team C

Team C wins h2h with team A


So does anyone know if it would go to points after this or would it go to winning percentage between the 3 teams or something else. I really would have though nfl.com would have had a setting for 1st tiebreaker, 2nd tiebreaker etc

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Also keep in mind that some sites (even the NFL for real football playoff determination) considers head-to-head to include multiple teams, and their record in games against each other, not just direct H2H in games between 2 teams.


for example

Team A played B twice and was 1-1, did not play team C

Team B played A twice was 1-1, and also beat team C (combined 2-1 in those games)

Team C played both and was 1-2 in those games

Team B would have win the H2H tie-breaker


I recall reading a similar thread recently (maybe it was ESPN/Yahoo and not NFL.com) that mentioned the sites "standard tie breakers" which included total points and covered more than what they thought was defined in their league.

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