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Demaryius Thomas, Aj Green or Jordy Nelson ROS?


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Which one of these guys would you rather have the rest of the season? More importantly, the next 2 weeks?


Demaryius Thomas

Week 15 @ SD

Week 16 @ CIN


AJ Green

Week 15 @ CLE

Week 16 vs DEN


Jordy Nelson

Week 15 @ BUF

Week 16 @ TB


DT has the easier match ups but as much as Denver has been running the ball, that concerns me and I can't afford another 1 point week like last week from him. AJ Green went off this past week but he plays Cleveland this week and will most likely be shadowed by Joe Haden all game this week and is probably shadowed by Talib the following week. Jordy Nelson has been steady all year and hot as of late and with A-Rod hot like he is and nelson having favorable match ups the next two weeks, he seems like the best option. Any thoughts on this?

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Nelson has been the most consistent producer of those 3. If I had to choose he would be my choice. I wouldn't be surprised if DT or Green put up big games but with the way Denver's passing game has been and the ups and downs of the Bengals and Dalton Jordy is the safest play

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I dont think Green gets shadowed by Haden or Talib. Hilton just put 150 yds and 2 tds against Haden and co. Greens hard to predict since he has dalton throwing to him. DT will probably crush both those teams and i dont think the way theyve been running will affect him. If they can run the ball an get 10yds a carry of course theyre going to keep doing it. Nelson has 2 cake matchups and has been the most consistent.


Nelson is your safe bet an i think DT is your big hitter.

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