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Tre Mason or Latavius Murray


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This is for my 2nd slot RB

It's a PPR league

Mason is at Home but it's against Arizona and on a Thursday night and I never have luck on Thursday nights..

Murray is on the road against KC but I can see KC looking for blood after he torched them a few weeks ago.

Any advice would help. Thanks

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I'm also stuck with mason... I just don't see him doing crap against Arizona. I've got no options at waiver. I'd go there first and if no one id go Murray. He looked great on his four plays the first time. I don't think he does that again, but IMO has a higher ceiling then tre.


Tre competes with Austin and that Fer Cunningham. Tre may not even have a chance inside the ten. Tre is a huge gamble IMO.

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The Chiefs rank 31st in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, and they are giving up 4.4 ypc. Sure, the Chiefs are at home and will be out for blood, but I'm not sure you can fix a leaky run defense on "looking for blood" or revenge. I think I would start Murray. The Chiefs struggle in these kinds of games (i.e. games vs. inferior opponents that they should win). I actually think Latavius will do well.


Please help with mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/topic/433876-decisions-on-rb2-te-and-flex/

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