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Three headed monster at RB....Look at these choices?


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J. Bell, Stewart or Morris? Last week I made the choice myself and sat Stewat, :tup:, now i'm gonna get another opinion or two....




I can also plug in a WR? Moncief,Landry or Wilson (Chi)


I want to go with Morris, Giants Homer, i could get 100yds and a score against the Gmen!


Stewart against the BUC's, giving up about 8th most FF points to opponent RB's?


Bell,I don't like match up, Vike's are 9th most FF points to opponent RB's but I think Big Teeth and Calvin are gonna have thier way?


That leaves Moncrief, Landry and Wilson?


So theres the 3 headed monster? 3 decent RB's and 3 decent WR's? 6 players and 3 spots?


Can I get a little HUDDLE luv for the playoff's? :oops:


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Thats the most non scary monster ive ever seen!


But, i would roll with Stewart & Morris. With both of their QBs hurt and going against mediocre Defs i think theyll get plenty of touches.


As for the WRs, i believe you have to go Moncrief or Landry since Morgan hasnt played much and no one really knows what to expect with him. My choice would be to roll Landry. Him and Wallace are both essentially the #1s on the phins and Landry has been pretty consistent. Moncrief has Hilton and Wayne ahead of him and is the last option. Hell Nicks might still be ahead of him.

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Joique fo sho, and I'd go Morris #2, for flex I'd personally go jstew, those receivers all have big upside but it's the playoffs, I'm not ballsy enough to play em myself, feel free to use one of them and laugh at me when he has a big week.


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