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Playoff concerns: Peyton


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I've been reading a few reports that are claiming that Peyton Manning is starting to lose a significant amount of arm strength over the past few weeks. Within the scope of the past few weeks this makes sense. A few of those interceptions thrown over the last few weeks were ducks and not the product of poor decision making. Which leads to my question...


Eli absolutely torched Washington in week for without Odell Beckham, and though Peyton typically is matchup proof it has become clear that Denver is transitioning to a run heavy offense. Am I absolutely crazy to play Eli this week and sit Manning? The last thing I need right now is for Peyton to put up a dud in the semi-finals (I barely made it through as a wild-card last week).

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I still say to play Peyton, but I will add this to your theory - everyone keeps justifying Peyton's waning production by saying that he's changing the plays at the line and calling running plays when that's what the defense gives him. Well, since Peyton has that power, and since he's the only one who really knows to what extent his arm is starting to fail him, is it far fetched to think that Peyton is calling more running plays at the line to give himself a rest? Clearly, he wouldn't do it if it didn't work, but the offensive line and C.J. Anderson are playing at a very high level, so it wouldn't be surprising if they continued to lean on the run game to finish out the regular season. Then, once playoff time is here, I suspect Peyton will throw caution to the wind with respect to his arm.


All of the above is speculation though, and I think Peyton's ego is probably too big to allow himself to keep taking a back seat to the running game. So roll with Peyton and hope this latter statement is truth.

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