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lineup help


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Qb Brady

wr Jeffery

wr hopkins

rb Charles

rb anderson

te kelce

flex Herron?

flex Marquis Wilson?



Isiah crowell

Jordan matthews

Big Ben

kyle Rudolph

tre mason

Julio jones



Harry douglas

Devin Hester

Charles johnson.

Reggie Wayne


Which way should I go?

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Assuming non-PPR and standard scoring:


I think Crowell + Matthews > Herron + Wilson. Richardson will still (sadly) see his portion of carries, and Wilson is unproven. Crowell and Matthews are both concretely involved in their offenses.


You could try Wilson over one of them if you're desperate for upside, as Wilson could surprise and maybe have a big game. But I would feel good with Crowell and Matthews as FLEX.

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OK. Tougher call, since Herron is more involved in the passing game. I am still not 100% on Wilson because it's the playoffs and he's unproven, but he does have a good matchup against the NO defense.


If it were me, I might pick Herron / Matthews for PPR. Keep an eye on the news to make sure West will be active for the game (the Browns have done some crazy things). If for some reason West is looking shaky / out, put Crowell in for workload. Otherwise I think it's a crapshoot on who Manziel might come to rely on in CLE.

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