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Do I bench Matt Forte this week?


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So let's assume that DeMarco Murray is officially ruled OUT this week.


I currently have Arian Foster and Matt Forte slotted to start at RB, and Kelvin Benjamin at flex (my starting WRs are set in stone: Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr, Jeremy Maclin). I have Joseph Randle on my bench.


Given the mess that is the Chicago Bears and Forte's lame performance against the Lions on Thanksgiving, if DeMarco doesn't suit up (if he even dresses, I am planning on leaving my starting squad as is) I am considering pulling Matt Forte for Joseph Randle. Dallas' offensive line, IMHO, are the main reason that DeMarco has been so successful this season. I see HUGE numbers for anyone in that slot, much like Kniles Davis' success for Kansas City.


Question is, would this move be stupid? Am I better leaving things as is? Should I pull Kelvin Benjamin instead? Arian Foster instead (Baltimore has the top run defense right now and Case Keenum will be starting at QB, leaving the defense to stack the box)? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, choices choices! It's the Championship game, I don't wanna do anything stupid. :-/

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forte was the one bright spot on monday for chicago i'd keep him in. Joseph Randle one day will be a top 10 option but not yet. he will split carries with dunbar like the have done in the past. unlike forte who will give you enough touches to hopefully give you some good points. and Foster should score enough points for booth of your RB's dont see houston throwing to much this week

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I am in the same boat. Tough call always start your studs. But i have choices such as this in a PPR league. Matt Forte, Fred Jackson, Joique Bell, and Mark Ingram. Can only start 3. All 3 of them have great match ups. IDK bears looked awful. New QB, forte probably will get 15 screen passes.

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Here's the thing though, New Ordleans is ATROCIOUS against the run... So Forte was able to put up modest numbers (78 yards on the ground, the bulk of which came in junk time). Detroit is a whole other story- Forte had a whopping 6 yards on the ground (52 via air). Last week has NOTHING to do with this week.


I expect Randle to get 70% of the carries and all of the goal line work. Foster won't get 100 yards this week (which is fine)... Baltimore has the best run defense in the league and are missing a whole bunch of defensive backs. Houston has no choice but to throw the ball.


Clausen is 1-9 in the NFL. Trestman doesn't do screen passes. Even if he does, I see 2 screen passes getting picked off (I expect at least 5 INTs total). Bears are the new Jaguars.


...These are just points to keep in mind. Consider this me playing the devil's advocate. Really appreciate everybody's input here!!!!!


@Jde6800: You have nice options. I'd definitely start Ingram, of the other 3 I'd probably trust Bell over Forte, but Fred Jackson (even given the awesome matchup) I'm just not too sure on. Hard to trust Buffalo offensively, ya know?

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