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Championship, please help


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Scoring- Pass TD=4, all others 6, get 1 point bonus for 50+ yard TD

Each pass completion & reception is 0.5,

1 point for every 25 yards passing, 10 yards rush/rec, 15 yards punt/kick return

5 points for 400+ yards passing, 200+ yards rush/rec


QB-Flacco, Newton, RG3, Alex Smith, remember I need to start 2


At this point the way Cam & RG3 have played, I view Flacco as my best QB. He of course has a tough match up. Cam who has been a letdown most of the season but has the most upside of course has the worst. RG3 who has been anything but the rookie star of course has the best match up. Alex Smith may not light the boards up but he also is not likely to give you a dud either. And he has a very friendly match up. I am thinking Flacco is one of my starters. I am not hip on RG3 but I am not sure between Cam & Smith.


WR-I have Hilton who is of course looking very unlikely to go

I have on roster -Fitzgerald, Garcon, Stills. The only one I like right now out of that group is Stills. Do I play him? Or maybe grab Moncrief if Hilton doesn't play? Or Harry Douglas if Jones doesn't play, which it is leaning that way with him. Malcom Floyd is also on waivers.

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Flacco and Smith. Flacco will be solid for you as will Smith. Smith agaisnt a Pit D is money. You just can't Trust RGIII at all and you don't want to trust teams that don't have anything to play for. If he gets nicked because he's reckless he sits, you're done. Newton is the same boat, banged up on a team that sucks. Your not going to see him run with a broken back and that is his extra threat that won't be there.


Play players on teams that score points and are in the playoff race. I can live with playing solid players but I can't live with trying to get cute playing players that MIGHT be ok but have a history of sucking. Flacco and Smith are your safest plays to get solid points on good teams.


Good luck.

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i would shoot with alex smith and RGIII…not sure exactly why but i feel like he will have a great game against the eagles. i think he gets 300 total yards and three TDs


i like stills and douglas (if jones sits)…if jones plays, i dont hate moncrief….someone will have to catch Luck's balls and i believe nicks blew his loan last week


PS, i was in no way trying to sound filthy, it just came off that way

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I would NOT start rg3. Can is a huge question mark later after his accident. He a book or bust. Alex smith is your safest play. Flacco may do well. Joe Hayden is out. With all that being said, I would go Alex smith and cam. Safe play and upside. Best of both worlds. Good luck!

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