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ConFusion - IDP/Dynasty BOTH league has openings


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This is a long-time BOTH (Born of the Huddle) league, with multiple (currently 4) openings for 2015. Here are some of the league details:


- Cost is $50/year (due in January)

- 40 man active rosters

- 13 player taxi squad

- IDP/PPR with flex spots on both offense and defense

- No franchise tag/franchise players


A quick timeline for the off-season:

- Fill openings and dues collection in January

- Rules review (and vote on any changes) in February/March

- RFA period (bidding on free agents) in April

- Rookie draft in May


Open teams are noted in the team names, on the rosters page below:




If interested, please post here OR send me a PM. If possible, list the open teams in order of preference. We will determine a method of filling the open spots once we have established a list of interested parties.

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Bump... We have a 5th opening in this league. Very unusual, but I think it's just "that time" for a few owners (time to move on from FF, and focus on other things).


Another major change, potentially, is that we are leaning towards conducting a "dispersion draft" to fill the spots. In other words, instead of simply filling the open teams, we will have the new owners draft players (with existing contracts) from the five open teams. This will help us keep the new owners on a somewhat level playing field, since a couple of the open teams are better than others.


PM me or post here if interested. I think we MIGHT have 5 spots filled, but not 100% sure. Plus, we have one more owner yet to respond, so there is an outside chance that we'll have a 6th opening.

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Bump... We have 4 spots filled. Still looking for a 5th. Once we have 5, we will proceed with a draft (among just those 5 owners). The draft will consist of players from the 5 open teams, 2015 rookie picks, and any free agents (from the waiver wire).


If interested (or if you have questions), please post here OR send me a PM. :)

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