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Check in on me leaving forums forever


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Dallas beats Green Bay and I leave forums for good


Please check in.


What a total cop out. You're taking the easy way out so you no longer have to display that signature.


You'lll be missed. Believe it or not, the huddlers flock to your posts so they can think of new snarky comments. Every hero needs a villain and you seem to fit the part. You'll be missed because the Packers are going down this Sunday and the Cowboy huddlers won't have too many naysayers left to refute. Maybe you better retract your declaration now.

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You know, that's not the only way you might be leaving the forums... just saying...


How about we make it interesting, Dallas wins he leaves, Dallas loses you toss him (and nobody talks smack about the game). That seems fair.

It totally blew the previous #1 out of the water. http://forums.thehud...?/best-content/


We weren't able to like DMD's posts at one time.

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When has this idiot ever stated a truth. He isn't going anywhere no matter what happens in the Dallas/Green Bay game. This is just more trolling. If Green Bay wins he gets to come in here and spout off about how right he was ... if Dallas wins he gets to come in here and stir the pot. Either way he gets the attention he so craves.

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I checked in



Dammit, I thought he was checking in to say he was leaving anyway. Oh well,just like the Cowboys loss, life moves on.

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