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Yet another head-scratching, dysfunctional move in the nation's capital

the outlaw

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are you freaking kidding me? 0-16 with the worst ranked defense in the nfl the 2 previous years as a DC in DET??? i was really hoping they were going to promote raheem morris...


CONGRATS rest of the NFC, this just cements one more team that won't be any competition next season, or for the foreseeable future (not that a single hiring really makes any difference to this team, but proof the redskins aren't even trying...)

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who's coming out in the 2016 Draft that Snyder's eyeing?



[said in a high-pitched, excited jim mora voice] draft? don't talk about...draft? you kidding me? draft? i just hope we can win another game! another game. LOL


when did danny-boy ever let the draft take precedence over a good old fashioned, over-the-hill FA signing whose physical abilities are way in decline, but who can still sell a burgundy and gold jersey or two?



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i did read on wikipedia that some DET beat writer asked marinelli when he was the DET HC, why his daughter couldn't have married a better defensive coach, and that writer hasn't written for the Detroit News, since! LMAO

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Is he the guy who got arrested in Det for going through the drive-thru naked?




OMG, i have no idea...but if so, that would be PRICELESS!!! LMAO


Leave taz out of this.




Can you Super Size that for me please? :pickle:

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