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The league will host an "NFL Veteran Combine" on March 22.

It will take place in Arizona's during the league meetings. The event — the first of its kind — is self explanatory. It's a Combine, only for veteran NFL players. Per Profootballtalk, it will allow veteran free agents to "go through the same kinds of drills and testing draft prospects go through in Indianapolis, with representatives of all 32 clubs on hand." It's an excellent idea in a league where some players slip through the cracks far too quickly. We wouldn't expect too many players to get deals they otherwise wouldn't through the Combine, but it should help prolong the careers of at least a few worthy cases.



Source: Profootballtalk on NBCSports.com



Interesting idea.

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Interesting. The longer a veteran stays, the more rookies that never get a chance though. We get so familiar with all the star players but the reality is that the NFL is a huge turnstyle for most players who are out within 2 years.

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Wondering if some vets might sit it out. Most measurables go nowhere but downhill after the rookie combine. Some guys might feel like this exposes that decline.



I'm not sure we're talking about veterans in the sense of guys who might just retire if they don't latch on. Certainly the guys in their 30s would have declining skills. But there are a lot of guys who are fringe players that might want a chance to showcase their skills for a wider audience. In this day and age with information so readily available about players, I really don't know that scouts will learn a whole lot about guys who have been in the league for a few years already. But the idea is still a good one, as it can't hurt to offer this opportunity and, as I'm sure Goodell has figured, stands to make some cheddar for the NFL. I'm not sure that it'll be THAT interesting of a television event though. I mean, the combine has the benefit of peaking our interest in players who are soon to be drafted, so the value of the combine to a viewer is tied pretty closely with the draft. How excited do people get about free agent signings in comparison? Not very...

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Aren't most vets shown the door because of a fundamental deficiency in comprehending the playbook, executing assignments, and an inability to be coached up?


How will the combine address these issues?



I think there are a lot of players that slip through the cracks because they just don't end up in a situation that fits them. Maybe this can help get some of these guys to an organization they can excel in.

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