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Mississippi state Bulldogs win National Championship


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I know everythin, me big expert on football :nerd::nerd::nerd:


Stop saying I'm a :fool: and :mouth::crazy:


Some team I may like (don't worry I'll change my tune later) is going to win it all, despite not being very good recentl :wacko:


All bow down the genius that is intoolwetrust, or ToolWeInTrust AKA TWIT :bow::bow:




(PS Apparently there is a limit on how many emoticons you can use)

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Dak Prescott wins Heisman and becomes a top 5 pick



What is he going to do differently next year? This year he looked great until he started playing good opponents.

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Apparently Ekberglat has a lot to say about Mississippi State football too. You ain't seen nothin' nyet.

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