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What are Your Greatest Achievements?


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Well, see here, I'm a loser. LoL! I haven't achieved anything, just a couple fantasy football titles (nothing Muto-esque), and a teacher of the year award 08-09. I've never won any high school or college sports' championships. Although, I was part of an intramural Water Polo Team in college and we won a title. Just sad!


How about you guys? I know getting married, buying a house and having and keeping children alive might be considered a great achievement by some, however, let's go beyond that.


Any Nobel prize winners here?

Full college scholarships?

Earn a doctorate?

Win a real high school or college title in any sport/event? And so on...

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like you nothing major


Had some partial scholarships in college, some academic others not.


Was recognized a few years ago by my Ohio group of my motorcycle club for my efforts locally in NE Ohio to organize the group (they ran out of more deserving people).


Not married, no kids. (Though I think a successful marriage and raising kids is a major achievement.)


My greatest achievement is probably the 25+ years at my single post college employer. As a software developer I have created quite a bit of a large scale product used by hundreds of people to run their business. (They always tell its broke, but most of it works.)

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Trying to get some background info for mystery huddler? :lol:



It was a multi-purpose post. Trying to drum up TG action, and sure, if info came out to help the MH cause, then so be it. LoL!

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