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2015 Mystery Huddler #1...


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Here's how it'll work. Below are links, providing some pics of our first Mystery Huddler. I will provide several clues and you can all attempt to guess who it is. It is up to the Mystery Huddler as to when to reveal his or her true identity, but it is usually advisable to wait until at least several photos (all the ones I have) have been revealed. There is still time to play so if you would like to get involved in this roasting extravaganza, you can still PM me and I will give you my email so you can send me pics and info about yourself.


Big John, you know the rules, you can't guess until after the first 100 posts. However, with less traffic on the boards, you might be able to guess sooner if things aren't as active.



Good Luck and Enjoy!!




Clue #1 - Lives west of the Mississippi.



Clue #2 - Has been a member of the Huddle for over a decade.



Clue #3 - He hates my favorite football team.



1st Pic - http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w46/irish3333/423329_10150603098003366_1764123088_n-2.jpg


2nd Pic - http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w46/irish3333/399449_3314972964726_1558814279_n-1.jpg




More pics and clues to come!!

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If the other pictures are uploaded, we can click the arrow and see them. FYI



Not that it's a bad thing but good point for the next one. I didn't realize it would do that as it looked fine on my PC as I didn't have access to any others but the two I posted but using my phone I could see the rest. Adjusted now. Thx

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Clue #4 - Played rugby for 18 years at SDSU and Santa Monica. Had stints on the California team and tried out for the US team. Played in three continents and traveled the world because of it.


3rd Pic - http://i173.photobuc...32_5603_n-4.jpg


4th Pic - http://i173.photobuc...3/Vietnam-1.jpg


5th Pic - http://i173.photobuc...3968926_n-1.jpg

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Don't Rookie Me?



ETA: If I'm doing this wrong, don't shoot me! :lol: Mystery huddler noob here...



Nope, you're not doing it wrong, guessing is the point of the game.

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The ultimate point of the game is guessing who it is but the real fun is all the comments we make along the way, right?


His wife is too hot for him. He must have money.



Exactly, beyond guessing who it might be, the most important part of the game is the relentless ridiculing and hilarity that ensues from the comments made about the photos or in connection to other Huddlers' comments about them.

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I'm literally laughing out loud after CD's comments. The pumpkin dick pic and comment/s are best.


I think Pumpkin Dick might have to be this mystery Huddler's new name. We have CD and this guy can be PD.

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