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2nd & 3rd tier TEs (dynasty)...


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...at vets office and I'd like to think about other things for a bit...


Gronk and Graham are obvious top tier guys, and Julius Thomas flirts with such status.


How are the remaining talents ranked? Kelce, Olsen, Bennett, Ertz, ASJ, Eifert, Rudolph, Donnell, Rivera, Witten...lot of guys with talent but maybe not opportunity? Let's see some top 10/15 TE rankings with a dynasty mindset

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He's a deeper target, but I am a huge Luke Wilson fan. I think he is a lot like Ladarius Green but cheaper to acquire.

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No one terribly high on Eifert?


He's pretty polar on the various rankings I've seen, too; some have him right at the 10 mark, others low teens/early 20s.


Ertz owner wants a little too much for my taste and Eifert owner doesn't like salary implications of current offer talks...think I might just cut my losses and target Donnell in FAA and team him up w/ M Rivera throughout season. Rudolph has been offered to me, but as an open ended "are you interested" type thing and I haven't given it much thought

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Outside of Kelce, Olsen and maybe Bennett they are are not guys I would be actively trading for. Too many questions with all of them and the prices are speculatively high IMO. Unless some one was really giving a deal, you're dumping depth or just have a burning gut feel that so and so is breaking out I can't palate the prices.


Great thread though







Clear 2nd group


Kelce- Hopefully Reid lets him play


Bennett- now possibly open to QB issues but should be OK regardless. After all he is the Black Unicorn

D. Walker- Did well with crap throwing to him



Allen- could be 2nd or maybe even 1st tier if he stayed healthy and Fleener leaves (UFA I think)

J. Thomas- return to Denver vaults him to #3, any where else....?

J. Cameron- Talent but soft head could be top 5, could play 1 quarter all year plus a UFA

C. Clay- which version in 2015?

J. Reed- See J. Cameron minus the UFA

V. Davis- see C. Clay



Soooo when is the breakout coming.....


Ertz- Chip loves Celek too but WRs and possibly QB a mess, upside but not at the price people are asking for

Rudolph- yup breaking out any day now.....hold your breath and turn purple

L. Green- Some day Gates will retire....

L. Willson- Ahhhh if they let him start but all kinds of rumors of Z. Miller, Cameron as a FA. We'll see

Eifert- see all of the above plus when is the last time a Bengals TE was relevant? Tony McGee?


Still have rookie shine but I'm not buying at those prices



J. Amaro


Might be starters again?



Gresham- too much of a blocker


Too old for dynasty investing unless you are all-in win now and even then you could probably do better



H. Miller- could be in next group

O. Daniels- may not even have a job



Not enough upside

J. Cook


Safe, cheap bet may be a flier on Pitta if it's cheap enough

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