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need 5 owners, 32 team dynasty IDP auction/contract/cap

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Paragon Fantasy Football is entering it's ​8th season (2008) of running high quality FF leagues. We are made for players who want well run leagues with 100% payouts while wanting to put some reasonable skin in the game. As you will see from our website, we will be running 1​2 leagues in 201​5. ​ We have some high quality owners including multiple FF writers over the years. Many will know Sigmund Bloom from Footballguys and ​on Twitter, he is a long term player in one of our salary cap/contract auction leagues.


All Paragon leagues are medium stakes (between $200 to $500 per season)​,​we use Leaguesafe to keep all league ​fees in escrow for complete protection​ and super fast payouts at season's end​. We don't do $50 leagues because from ​our ​experience, you always end up with some​ owners who don't invest enough of their time and effort​.​ The result is you end up with ​too many poor​​​ teams who are mailing it in​ which effects competitive balance and is to the detriment of the whole league​.


​We had a handful of orphaned teams from last season but places in our leagues were snapped up very quickly, so much so that we only have the one dynasty league left to fill now. Please review the below information and if you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding the specifics​, post a reply here, contact us via email at commissioner@paragonfantasyfootball.com or use the contact us links on our website. Always happy to help, answer questions etc that will assist your understanding of our league rules and processes.


Blue Chip Auction Dynasty League - 32 teams, single player, super deep Salary Cap/Contract Auction league, This is the deepest and most challenging Paragon league to date. Our league is in it's 2nd season and has an NCAA theme. If you are looking to test your skills with the real GM experience, jump on board and get building. The beauty of this format is that via the auction, you get to remake much of your team every season. Lots of people say that the best part of a league is the inaugural draft but in a league like this, you get to do a good portion of that every season AND you get a shot at ANY free agent players available instead of being pinned down by your draft position. This league also incorporates a 5 round rookie draft each season along with future draft picks available for trade.


All new owners will get the opportunity to remake your franchise using our unique contract amnesty options (Section 18 of league rules) along with our condensed future salary cap hits (Section 8) allowing you to make the tough decisions and turn your team around sooner rather than later. Upon joining the league, you will also get the chance to sign pending free agents to franchise and/or transition tags (Section 10), make any pending holdout decisions and drop any multi-year contracts from your roster ​as all existing teams​ already​ did to ​help ​speed up the rebuilding process and ensure you have every opportunity to be competitive from the get go.


2015 MFL League Website has been rolled over so all rosters show 2015 salaries/contract details so it also will give our new owners a much clearer picture of the potential for their teams. The 8 orphaned teams are clearly named & still have their pending free agents rostered (show as 0 YEARS REMAINING) to assist in franchise/transition tag decisions. Therefore the overall cap number for each team will be minus those​ pending FA​ players.


Section 12 Rule O of our Common Rule Bookoutlines the process for how new owners will select their new team. In short, it is a randomly determined mini draft for each of the new owners to choose which franchise they will take over. Most new owners will also end up with an additional $125 credited to their accounting balance, so upon payment of the $375 (all new owners pay 100% for current season and 50% for next season) you will be paid up in full for 2015 AND 2016. 5 Orphaned teams left.​




32 teams, 2 conferences, 8 divisions realigned each year to improve league parity.

45 single player rosters, 15 man taxi squad, 20 man Injured Reserve.

Salary Caps & variable length contracts for all players on your roster.

Manage player holdouts & apply franchise and transition tags to your players.

21 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism.

The proven, balanced Paragon PPR scoring system.

12 team Paragon Playoff structure where only the best teams qualify.

Annual rookie-only draft occurring ​weeks after the NFL draft.

Annual Free Agent Auction and blind bidding waivers.

Sign players off opposing franchises ​taxi squad for a price.

Holdover of 25% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have double prizes (Super Pool) every 5 years

Large prize pools with 100% payouts less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx.


To join​ this league please follow these instructions: Email us at commissioner@paragonfantasyfootball.com advising ​that you wish to join. If you already have a leaguesafe account then be sure to specify the correct email address so we can invoice you correctly.​ You will then be sent a leaguesafe invoice.​ Full payment will secure your spot, first come, first served.


​ If any of the above strikes your interest, take the time now to check out our website and the above links, read through our common rule book and trust me, you will be impressed. At Paragon we are constantly being asked to create more new leagues. We have no doubt we would fill them too but our focus has always been quality, not quantity and we couldn't guarantee our high levels of service and quality if we did go in that direction. Wasn't it Oscar Wilde who said 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.' Our leagues and their popularity have led to a number of our players becoming commissioners of the own leagues. A Paragon commissioner tree if you will by cloning our rules and processes with our blessing and assistance.


Feel free to ask us any questions, more than happy to assist. If you would like to stay informed and hear first hand about our future league openings, follow this link and join our mailing list. We won't be bombarding you with heaps of emails, no more than 4 or 5 per year.


Thanks for your time, good luck and enjoy the 2015 season.​​

Chris & Brian

Paragon Fantasy Football Leagues


Website: http://www.paragonfantasyfootball.com

Email: commissioner@paragonfantasyfootball.com

​Twitter: @Paragon_FF​

Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/bcfVb1

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