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NCAA Men's Bracket Pool


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I have run this pool for several years now and many Huddlers have played in it. I want everyone to have the opportunity to play. Everyone is invited. Friends of friends, even dudes you don't like but want to kick their arses in a pool, all are invited to play. ;)


You are invited to join the PickHoops bracket group Mike's Bracket Challenge. Participants choose the winners of this year's NCAA college basketball tournament.


To join, click here: http://www.pickhoops.com/MikesBracket .


You'll be asked for your name and email address and to create a new user password for yourself. Bracket entry starts Sunday, March 15th at 11:00pm EDT Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 19th at 12:18pm EDT Be sure to get your brackets in early.


Entry will be $10 per bracket. You get 1 point for every correct pick in the first round and the points double in each round after that.




Payouts will be as follows:


First Place (45%)

Second Place (25%)

Third Place (15%)

Fourth Place (10%)

Fifth Place (5%)


Thanks and good luck!

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