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IDP redraft looking for three good owners

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The Champions League of the BFFL is entering its third season and we have a three (3) openings to fill. Some bullet points about the League below:


1. 16 teams organized into two(2) eight-team conferences further subdivided into two (2) four-team divisions.

2. Head-to-head style of play over a thirteen-week regular season with a total of 16 games.

3. Championship playoff bracket and consolation playoff bracket.

4. Team salary caps, player salaries and contracts.

5. Email-driven auction-style draft each year and weekly blind bidding free agency.

6. Traditional offensive player positions and individual defensive players with flex lineup option.

7. Performance style scoring.

8. Franchise or “keeper” players held over for the following season for each team. (This is NOT a dynasty league.)

9. League Safe holds franchise fees and disperses all winnings directly to the owners.


We're looking at an entry fee of $55 with a first place payout of $300. First year owners pay a $30 buy-in for snazzy custom teams graphics.


This year's MFL site is http://football27.myfantasyleague.com/2015/home/48403#0. It's not completely updated for 2015 yet but the off-season rosters for the available teams - the Bandits, Jacks, and Aztecs - are there for you to review.


If interested, please contact me at tbaker96@gmail.com for more information. Thanks!

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