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New 16 team IDP Dynasty looking for owners...

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Standard scoring with decimals. $100 league safe(majority vote).Paying 1-4, 4th will win entry fee back and go up from there.starters are as follows: QB-1, RB-2, WR-2, TE-2, FLEX-2, K, Team D, DL-3, LB-3, FLEX(DL/LB), DB-4. Roster size limit-40. IR-5(must be on IR in real life. Will startr draft as soon as NFL draft ends. 30 keepers per year to help keep it competitive. Any other questions or if you are interested, just post in here or email me at kylerdlamb@gmail.com I could also probably use a co-commissioner or twoif anyone is interested in that also...

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Update: So it looks as if league is about half full of verbal commits at least.. So still looking for owners. Also wanted to add a couple things.. Thinking about for the first season or at least to full up league, lowering fee to $25 to fill up the league for the first season. Then if everyone wants to we can raise it before things get rolling or have a vote next year. Was also debating if we leave it at $50 doing a $10 referral fee, where if u refer someone I'll pay $10 of just your fee. I would limit this to 1 or possible 2 per owner though. Also as said before I would like a couple co-commissioners and these rules aren't completely set in stone if the majority has better ideas. EX: I'm not very experienced with auctions and salary cap, so if a co-commissioner is, and would like to implement it, that's fine with me. Just really going for more of a owner ran league(like the real NFL)

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