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DieHard 2 - IDP, Salary-Cap, Keeper, Auction League

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DieHard II High Roller League (12th Season)


$125 fees with full payouts

16 team IDP with 40-43 roster spots, 3 IR, 8 Taxi

12 keepers each offseason, with salary increases

PPR scoring

5 offseason Auctions and 1 Rookie Draft


Typically, this league will hold 5 mini-auctions and 1 rookie draft, spread out about every few weeks during the offseason. By September, our rosters are full, and we play a typical PPR-IDP season.


The keeper rules are structured well, and allow a lot of turnover of good players. If you have experience with IDP and salary cap auctions, you can be competitive in your first year. I didn't when I started, and still managed to step up in a 2 years.


At last count, there are 2 open teams. Both with very early draft picks and a good foundation of keepers


The site is located here: http://www9.myfantas...2015/home/10496

The scoring rules here: http://football9.myf...ns?L=10496&O=09

And the rest of the rules here: http://football9.myf...ns?L=10496&O=26


Feel free to reply directly to me with any questions, but ultimately, I will end up forwarding your request to the league commissioner at rffl779@gmail.com.

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