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Dynasty/IDP League

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I am seeking 2-3 new owners. We had a falling out with a few people who felt that really obscene trash talk was "cool" and feel people should be able to handle that kind of abuse like people on TV do. However, it then got MUCH WORSE. The league has been alive for 2 years and both years things have typically gone off without much problem. We have by-laws and I will cut and paste them here. I will also post a link to the league.


Here are the bi-laws:


This is a fantasy football league by-laws and guidelines:


1. Scoring is fluid and subject to change during each off-season provided scoring changes are petitioned in writing to the commissioner by the given deadline. Scoring changes will be implemented the following season provided at least 66.0% have voted for the change in the affirmative.


2.At the end of the season you are allowed to keep as many players as the roster limits allow. However, you will only have as many draft picks as you have open slots. So if there are 23 players and you keep all 23 you won't have a draft pick next year. If you keep 20 you get three draft picks and will get a first second and third round pick.


3.At the end of the season a petition will open to decide which rules to change. You can petition 3 rule changes and they must be in writing. We will discuss them on conference call. After we discuss them we will vote. If OVER 66% vote affirmative to changing the rule it changes immediately. This can cover anything including roster limits, expansion, keeper qualifications, even changing the by-laws.


4.Anyone who abandons the team they own they will be placed on probation for at least 48 hours while efforts are made to reach them. Their team will not alter until they return. If no communication has been made in return their team will be given to the next person on the waiting list.


5.In the event there is not a rule or guideline to fall back on the commissioner will use their best judgement in the mindset of fair and utilitarianism to make a decision which will set precedent and be treated alike in future cases.


6.We will treat each other with kindness. Debating is fine. Discuss the topics without attacking the person who is in the discussion with you. If you use personal attacks you will be fined $10.00 and locked out of your team until the fee is paid. If you can’t pay the fine before your next game your team will given to the next person in the waiting list. The $10.00 fee will go into the winnings pot for that year. Here is how a personal attack will be equivocated: If the commissioner sees a personal attack they will ask the person who might have been offended by the statement. If they indicate an injury has occurred the fine will stand.


These are personal attacks (but not limited to): “XXXXX is stupid and has no life.” “XXXXX is pathetic that they can’t make a trade.” “Your children are ugly.” “Are you such a loser you can’t afford internet?”


These are NOT personal attacks: “Your team is total dog honda.” “I ass-raped you this week.” “You suck at fantasy football.” See, you can say someone sucks at the contest we are having, but you can’t talk about their lives.


7.Payment for the league will be made BEFORE THE DRAFT each year. Next year will be the first year and the low cost will only be $25. $300.00 will be given to the league winner.


8.You may sell your team and your rights as an owner in this league for any amount you can garner and provided the new owner is accepted by a majority vote. You may also sell the rights of a particular player. However, that ammount can not exceed $50.00, and the purchaser MUST PRICE MATCH TO THE POT the price given to the selling owner. The trade will not be processed until payment has been received and to make sure exploitation doesn’t occur the financial transaction will move through the commissioner.


9.All trades, adds, drops or other transaction are subject to commissioner’s veto. This is intended to not let bogus trades go through or people dumping their players after something happens they are unhappy with.


10.All trades will be subject to league approval of 48 hours. Each site has different ways of handling the transactions and those rules will be determined as the league progresses.



And here is a link to the league: http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/2318750


We use a chat program on our phones and computers called Line.


We also have a Facebook site to keep discussion rolling.


I WILL PAY YOUR LEAGUE DUES THIS YEAR for someone who wants to come on. That will give them a year risk free to see that we pay on time as well as do things fairly. The next year, you will need to pay your own way.


Players will be expected to be very active, even in the off-season and reply to trade requests and other inquiries without much delay.


PLEASE EMAIL ME AT nashcarey@gmail.com or call me 360-888-3223

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Good questions. Yes, you are right on the league dues. It will likely remain that way for at least a year or two. Everyone voted to raise the rates from $10.00 to $25.00.


Free agents are waiver wire each week during the regular season, or you can draft them with the rookies during the draft at the beginning of the year. Waiver order is based on ranking in the league each week. The team with the worse record (tie broken by points) get the first waiver wire pick.

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We have a full league right now, thanks for all those who reached out to me. However, I have one owner who I am uncertain if will be able to play this year. They are waiting a legal decision. I am looking for alternatives and a small wait list. Let me know!

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