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Hoping to start up an all skill $50, 12 Team, PPR, Auction, Dynasty League...

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I've been playing fantasy football for years, and I love almost everything about it. However, there are a few issues I've always had with typical leagues. All of these issues revolve around aspects of the game that reward luck more than skill. So my goal is to create a league as free of luck as possible. Here's how I hope to set up this league.

1. No more head-to-head matchups. We've all been in that awful situation where we end up with a loss despite being the second highest scoring team for a given weak. That's not right! I'll be strictly using victory points to determine standings.

Points will be rewarded each week as follows:

1- 6 (Top Scoring Team)

2- 6

3- 5

4- 5

5- 4

6- 4

7- 3

8- 3

9- 2



12-1 (Lowest Scoring Team)

*Top 6 teams make playoffs. Top two earn byes. Playoffs will be weeks 14-16. Top 2 scoring teams advance for first two rounds, and obviously, the top scoring team of the final round wins.

2. Free Agent Auction Budget - Everyone gets $100 to bid on free agents. No stupid waiver wire rewarding an 0-2 team with the yearly, out of nowhere, superstar player.

3. No kickers. Period. There's little to no skill in choosing a kicker, and no one likes rooting for (or against) kickers.

4. Defenses are slightly less valuable. For example, only 4 points for a defensive TD. Similar to kickers, it's just more unpredictable than other positions. I'd rather never see a 30 point week from a defense (or a -10 point week).

5. I'll be doing a 22 round auction draft with a $275 budget. Hopefully this will result in most, if not all, relevant players getting drafted.

*We'll start 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1TE, 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE), and a defense. (12 Bench spots, and 2 IR spots)

Post or PM me if you're interested. League will be through ESPN, and payments will go through Leaguesafe. I'd like to get this going sooner rather than later, so hit me up.

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