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1st Overall Pick Advice


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Hello all!


I am new to this forum, so I apologize if something of this nature has been addressed already. I know, when it comes to asking for advice with anything Fantasy Football, clarity and detail is important, so allow me to indulge you all with the specifics.


I am in a 12-Team Keeper League (PPR) that is building towards a Dynasty. Each year, we increase the number of keepers by 1 (we may vote to increase it to 2 in order to expedite the process towards a Dynasty, but for now that doesn't matter). We are not allowed to keep our 1st and/or 2nd round draft picks from the previous year. Players that we are allowed to keep will cost us two rounds higher than where we previously drafted them. So, for example, if I drafted CJ Anderson at Round 11 in 2014, I can keep him but he would cost me my 9th round pick this year. This gives clarity as to why we cannot keep our 1st and/or 2nd round players. Follow? Awesome.


I managed to "win" the 1st Overall Pick by winning the Consolation Championship. I was initially really excited to obtain this pick but now I realize how freakin' stressful it is. Thus, I am asking for advice. To give you a better idea as to why I'm seeking help, allow me to show my keepers:


* Le'Veon Bell (Round 7 - Yes, not a typo)

* Jeremy Hill (Round 10)

* Buffalo Bills DEF (Round 9)

* DeAndre Hopkins (Round 4)


Draft style is serpentine.


As you can see, I already have a pretty good RB core in Bell & Hill, but we know how iffy RB's can be. I predict Hopkins could be a decent WR2, so I plan on drafting WR heavy, regardless. I've been guilty of drafting defenses a bit early, so having Buffalo's Def at Round 9 seems pretty safe.


Here are some players that are not available to draft, as they are being kept:


* Eddie Lacy

* Rob Gronkowski

* Antonio Brown

* Odell Beckham Jr.

* Andrew Luck

* CJ Anderson

* Alshon Jeffery

* Carlos Hyde


Here's my issue - The focus for drafting at 1st Overall is (obviously) drafting the best player on the board. The conversation regarding such a player seems to be focused primarily on the top RB's. Seeing as though I have a pretty solid RB core, should I shoot for another position, or continue to build at the RB position? Or, should I go for a position that is a bit more promising, such as QB? Remember, whoever I draft 1st overall doesn't matter much for the future, as I cannot keep him.


My early/current plan is to draft Aaron Rodgers first overall, so I can have the best QB available. I am worried about AP's production (yes, I'm one of those guys) and feel that perhaps Charles is teetering towards the decline of his career (not to say he won't be good, but I'm skeptical that he'll be amazing). Or should I scoop up Lynch as a solid RB that hardly ever disappoints? Factoring in Bell's suspension, however long it turns out to be, is also lingering so having that extra RB1 on my team would serve useful. Or, should I draft the best WR available - this would be Dez Bryant - and worry about the QB & RB positions later? You see my concern.


I appreciate you guys reading and helping. Thanks for you help!

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If I were you I'd go with Dez or Demaryius, then worry about QB and a 3 week running back later. You can pretty easily target a QB in later rounds without much of a drop in production, and you should be able to get a suitable 3 week Le'Veon Bell replacement.

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I would keep Garcon over a defense in a heartbeat.


And I would draft Dez or D. Thomas at #1



Thing is, I drafted Garçon in the 3rd round last year so he'd be my #1 pick overall. Still over Buff's Def? I don't think so

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well you didn't say he'd cost a 1st



True, my fault. I should have been more clear.


I suppose your advice for taking Dez #1 makes sense. This way I'll have a guaranteed WR1. Also, I predict the Cowboys will throw more than last year with Murray gone.

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True, my fault. I should have been more clear.


I suppose your advice for taking Dez #1 makes sense. This way I'll have a guaranteed WR1. Also, I predict the Cowboys will throw more than last year with Murray gone.



doesn't have to be Dez but I'd consider DT and Julio too, maybe Nelson as well

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