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Start-up Dynasty/PPR/20 man roster-3DTS-3IR/$55.11@leaguesafe

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FFPC dynasty super clone


email danielbirch680@gmail.com

full rules: http://www13.myfanta...15/home/69457#7

main site: http://www13.myfanta...15/home/69457#0

The league is a consortium of 8 individual leagues; Each league consists of 12 teams with their own scheduled draft.

Once the league is finalized, all teams will be randomly assigned to a league and draft order will be randomly set. In the event someone has more than one team, I will ensure they are in different leagues.


20 roster spots – 3 DTS – 3 IR spots

Start QB, 2 RB, 2WR, TE, 2Flex (RB/WR/TE), K , DEF


FFPC scoring

Inaugural Draft – 23 rd slow email 3RR/”Banzai” snake draft with 12 hr clock/night time suspension. Start date TBD

Active trading encouraged

2 BB waiver periods each week with $1000 blind bid waiver dollars

1 FCFS waiver period each week


Offseason roster cut-down. Teams protect 16 players each year before the start of the annual 7 rd rookie/FA draft.

Regular season- 13 H2H match ups. Play 9 teams once, and 2 teams twice

Weekly standings determined using Victory points system

Each weekly H2H win = 2 VP pts

Each weekly H2H loss = 0 VP pts

Top scoring team - No.4 scoring team – 2 VP

No.5 scoring team - No.8 scoring team– 1 VP

No.9 scoring team - No.12 scoring team – 0 VP


Prize pool

League Champion $1000

2nd Place $500

3rd Place $250

4th Place $200

5th Place $150

6th Place $125

7th Place $100

8th Place $100

9th Place $55

10th Place $55

11th Place $55

12th Place $55


*6th year super prize pool

Each year 50% from the main prize pool will be held in escrow by Leaguesafe.com. On the 6th year, all teams will be playing for a piece of the $18515 super prize pool.


year 2020 prize pool $18516.96

League Champion $5015

2nd $2500

3rd $1200

4th $1000

5th $800

6th $800

7th $600

8th $600

9th $500

10th $500

11th $500

12th $500

13th $300

14th $300

15th $300

16th $300

17th $300

18th $300

19th $300

20th $300

21st $300

22nd $300

23rd $300

24th $300

Top 4 scoring teams after 6yrs ($100 each) $400


League host a Footballguys Players Championship team. $3.65 is deducted from everyone’s entry fee to purchase a $350 team.


Each year, the league champion from the previous year drafts and manages the team. Any prizes won from in this league will be added to the 6th yr prize pool. Additionally, if money is won, the team drafting and managing will win free entry to this league for the following 2 years.



At the conclusion of Week 13, 6 teams from each Dynasty League will earn a berth in the League Playoffs in Weeks 14, 15 and 16. These 6 teams will be the teams with the highest amount of Victory Points. These 6 teams will play against each other in total points competition to determine League Champion. The winners are based on weekly points scored and there are no H2H matchups or Victory Points used in the League Playoffs.


Seeds 1 and Seeds 2 from each league will earn Immunity in Week 14 of the League Playoffs. This means Seeds 1 and 2 automatically advance to Week 15.


During Week 14, Seeds 3, 4, 5, and 6 in each league will have their scores re-set to zero, will set their lineups and compete in total points competition. The two teams which score the most points during Week 14 will advance in the League Playoffs. The remaining two teams are eliminated.


During Week 15 and 16, Seeds 1 and 2, as well as the two Seeds which advanced from Week 14 from each league will have their scores re-set to zero, will set their lineups and compete in a 2-week total points competition. The team which scores most points during Weeks 15 & 16 will be crowned League Champion. The league pays out 12 spots see prize money for more details.

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