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My League is adding Keepers next year...how should that impact my draft this year?


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Hello Everyone,


I was recently informed that my main league will be adding 2 keepers starting next year. My understanding is there will not be a limit of how long you can keep a player and there are no players that are off limits (ie players drafted in the first round).


I am new to the realm of keeper leagues and I was wondering how this should impact my draft strategy?


My draft position is #11 in a 12 team PPR leauge (rest of league settings are in my signature)


I have been thinking that I would most likely go WR in the first 2 rounds...of course this may change depending on how the other teams draft. I do feel less inclined now to draft someone towards the end of their career (ie Foster, Lynch) and more inclined to draft younger athletes (ie Beckum, Julio).


Anyway, I have been playing around with a few mock drafts and here are the most common players falling to me at 11th and 14th...of these who would you make the priority?:




Luck (*Rodgers will be long gone in my league full of Packer fans)



Julio Jones


Dez Bryant


D. Thomas

AJ Green


*If Antonio Brown were to fall to me, he would be my number 1











Thanks for your help!

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Like the NFL, if I could lock up the top QB for my team for the next few years I do it! Luck will be great for a long time (AND HES YOUNG). As far as my second keeper I would look at the WR position as both your RB and TE list have both injury prone and aged players. If Brown fell, seems like a no brainier, if not Beckham would fit nicely but don't see any issues with the other names. Just one mans opinion tho.

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If you get a qb or wr. You can get the most years out of them. Dez, Brown, Beckham, Bell, Luck, Gronk. If you lose out on most of those guys. Pick some guys in bad defensive divisions and good schedules at least for this year. Your keepers this year may not be the same the next. Rookies shake it up every season.

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