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With the 3rd Pick...

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I need some advice.


I was blessed enough last year to become our leagues champion (in only our second year of existence)! We are a 14 team PPR league. We installed the idea of keepers last year and are allowed to keep one keeper at a plus one round for veteran players and at the same round drafted for rookie players. I have decided to keep Antonio Brown as my second round pick for the 2015 season. The only other option I have at value would be Rashad Jennings in the 10th round (yes there is no one else), but can't seem to get past the idea of keeping the top wideout in the late second round.


Where I need some advice comes in the draft. We held our lottery draft the other day and through some miracle, with a 1 in 115 chance, my name comes out 3rd! Pretty insane.... Well now i'm looking ahead to the draft and am stumped on my top 2.


Without doubt, I would love to draft Leveon Bell (even with the suspension) BUT the thought of my top 2 picks coming from the same team doesn't sit well with me.


I would love to draft Eddie Lacy BUT feel that he is so touchdown dependant coming from a 'always pass first' team being led by the leagues MVP.


I would love to draft Jamal Charles BUT I don't trust Andy and feel like he has options behind him.


I'm from Houston so Arian Foster seems like a good idea. You know someone to root for as far as "my team" and "my fantasy team" are concerned BUT dude is so injury prone and the 3rd pick seems really high for Arian.


I have even thought about going QB and drafting Luck or Rodgers and avoid what would be left after the 3rd round (we are a 14 team league remember). The thing is, I know its way early to make these calls but never have I been so lost on the top 3 players in fantasy football. Wanted to get your guys thoughts on this process and what you would do. Thanks for any help. Glad to be part of this community.




PS. I do know AP is being kept, don't know about any other players to date but the other top choices would be available as they were all 1st round picks and can't be kept according to our keeper rules. Guy just got lucky someone dropped AP and found a loophole in our rules allowing him to keep him. *That will be fixed moving forward.

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Well first of all congrats on winning league and the third pick in your draft!


I am new to the whole Keeper League idea so keep that in mind when considering my advice.


I think you definitely should hold onto A. Brown. He will likely have another awesome year. Plus you probably will not find anything comparable to his talent in the second round. Brown is going in the first round in most of the mock drafts I am participating in.


As for your third pick. I still think Charles or Lacey are the way to go. If Charles makes it to you, I think you should take him. Just be sure to back up that pick by getting K. Davis...even if you have to reach a round earlier.


I like Bell too, but I find it kind of difficult to be without your top RB for the first 3 games. I know that won't break your season, but it could definitely could put you in a hole.


Lastly, I can see why you would be tempted by Luck and Rodgers as well. I can't really argue with you if you went that path since you would have one of the top two QBs and WRs.


Anyway, best of luck to you!

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Depending on your scoring. If qb tds are 6 or 4. If they are 6. Get Rodgers or Luck. Can hold onto them for a long time. Lacy is injury prone too. Foster is still the man, Leveon Bell is not challenged by anyone and he should be there when it counts in the playoffs. That's enough for me to take him. You should be able to fill in rbs with time share guys and other guys who get opportunities. The team I played in the final week last year had bell and Brown. Only thing is... They do have a really rough schedule this year. But they have a ridiculous offense.

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Our QB's get 4 points.


Their isn't too much gap at QB with Aaron being our #1 putting up 377.6 for the year and our #10 QB Eli Manning putting up 289.4. As far as RB's go, our #1 RB Leveon went for 407.8 and our #10 RB Jeremy Hill went for 234.7.


Needless to say, I am leaning RB no matter what with the third pick. Like the above comments and from friends, Lacey Charles and Bell NEED to be my choices (which I agree with). For me, I would rank them 1. Bell 2. Charles 3. Lacey. The question then becomes, **is drafting Leveon Bell with the 3rd pick and following that with Antonio Brown with the 26th pick putting all my eggs in one basket?**


Should my order be Bell third as last option if Charles and Lacey get drafted OR replace him in general with another player? Thanks for all the info guys! Crossing my fingers for first back to back champion in our league!!!!

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If it's one of those guys, absolutely. Having 2 WR1's locked and loaded every week is a huge advantage. If you stay on top of the waiver wire, you can get your starting RB's that way.

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