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This will be the only league you care about.

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Happy Mid-June-OFF-off-season, ya dynasty addicts! Just firing up a new salary cap dynasty league over at Reality Sports Online and I'm currently seeking GMs. It's a $200 Leaguesafe buy-in for a 16-team .5 PPR, QB-Flex, 8-IDP, 35-man roster league. I take no cut as commish. I have other similar leagues on MFL that have been incredibly successful. We'll be starting the rookie draft as soon as we have enough people. Please check out the league at: http://realitysportsonline.com/SearchLeagues.aspx . Look for "The Hollywood Bowl" under the "Public Leagues" tab. Some scoring or other rules will be up for debate by league members. Send me an e-mail at gtaglang@hotmail.com or DM me with questions. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!l...Please.

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Great site... Original draft takes 6 plus hours though, really long, and the draft app last year was really jankie just an FYI to anyone who has never used this site. I would possibly consider doing this league. I would suggest making the rookie draft and FA signing period(auction draft) to the same day, rookie draft takes 20 minutes tops.


If you make these changes email me at davidbrazil90@yahoo.com

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