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Not sure how many are effected by the new waiver ruke at ESPN. Last year my league had 2 auction waiver days, Thursday and Sunday at 11 am CST. The league is made up of a mix of guys so not everyone is at a computer all day. The 2 day rule worked great for us. ESPN has now changed their program so that we can have a waiver on Thursday but then all players now become free agents, first come first serve. Does anyone know of a system that has the capability of the 2 auction days instead of free agency?


I am the commish of the league and by my user name you can probably tell, I am in front of the computer all day, but I am trying to keep it fair for all.


Thanks in advance.

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I am just about done with ESPN. Their lack of responsiveness and inflexible settings have pushed me away. I will be moving the league that I commish there and advocating to move the other one where that commish is also sick of their bullhonda.

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