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Looking for Three Committed Owners

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The Liberty Fantasy Football League (LFFL) is now entering it's 21st consecutive season.

Our's is a league that is very much "on hands". Owners must absolutely stay on top of things so that their teams are competitive throughout the season. No coasting allowed, even if you find yourself doomed to miss the playoffs at seasons end.

Entry fee amounts to a 1/16 share of the MFL registration fee. ($4.50) Not surprisingly, there is no prize money at seasons end. Just the satisfaction of competing against some folks that are pretty good at the game.

Your 24 man roster will include both offensive and defensive players right down to defensive tackles and ends, a punter, a kicker and every other position excluding only interior offensive lineman.

Owners are expected to fully manage rosters including working through injuries, suspensions, bye weeks, etc.

If you take the game seriously and think our league might be a good fit, drop me an email at: wmlb@sbcglobal.net .....In return I will send you the bylaws and draft matrix in PDF format.. or you can go to our homepage: http://www18.myfanta...2015/home/37030 and in the menu bar look under "Files/League Files"

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I just signed up as a new owner. If you are looking for a slow draft without the frustration of having to wait days for an owner to pick I would highly recommend checking this league out. Interesting format with a very dialed in (and mature!) commish.. I have been playing FFB for about 15 years and this is the most pumped I've been about a league in years.

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