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Best defense or best fantasy defense? Best defense is Seattle, at least on paper, and it's not even close. They allowed 500+ less yards than the next lowest team, and 27 less points. Both of those numbers are pretty significant, relatively speaking. But, I'm going to assume you're talking fantasy, since this is a fantasy advice forum.


Top five in yards/game allowed (starting with the fewest) - SEA, DET, DEN, BUF, SF


Top five in fewest points allowed - SEA, KC, DET, BUF, ARI


In a somewhat standard redraft league last year, the top 10 fantasy defenses were - PHI, HOU, BUF, ARI, MIA, GB, STL, DET, NE, BAL.


Buffalo is top 3 or 4 on all of those lists. Arizona is not far behind. Detroit is also on all three, but they lost Suh. Philly was by far the most opportunistic defense last year, with double-digit TD's on defense/special teams. Hard to say if they'll come close to that feat again this year or not. Picking a fantasy defense is not easy... Teams fluctuate a lot from year to year. Case in point, Houston was #2 in fantasy scoring (in my league), but they were dead last the year before. Seattle was 11th, in that same league, in team defense scoring (but #2 in 2013). Last year may have been somewhat of a fluke for Seattle (they dominated across the board, but just didn't get that many scores). I think there's a strong likelihood that they bounce back into the top 5.


Personally, I like Houston, if for no other reason than they have the most dominant player in the game, on either side of the ball. Even with a mediocre/poor offense, their defense put up respectable numbers, in both yards and points given up (and they were on the field a lot). Not to mention, they did so facing the Colts twice.


In no particular order, I like Seattle, Houston, and Buffalo. Not necessarily as my top three, but as teams that I think will be safe bets to finish in the top half of the league. Because fantasy defenses are somewhat of a crapshoot, that's really all I'm looking for... A team that will score better than average.


The other thing to consider is schedules. If you can, try to grab two decent defenses, and play the matchups. Or just stream altogether.

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Agree with Gophers selection's, only team I'd add to the mix is the jets. Front 7 last year was one of the best in football and they added a beast in the draft(Williams). While the loss of Richardson hurts it's only for 4 weeks when they have plenty of depth up front. Their biggest weakness last year was the secondary which they fixed in a BIG way by adding Revis and Cromartie.

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