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"Your team wet the bed".... is it that bad?

Papa Deuce

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I had to laugh when I saw this, even though it was about my own team on a yahoo 10 team league.


If you don't know, your team gets analyzed and the results get sent to you. I don't think I have an awesome team, but "Wet the bed?"...


QB Cam Newton..... this is the one pick I wish I didn't have to make.... there was a QB run right after I drafted Carlos Hyde... I was hoping for Stafford or Ryan.


RB CJ Anderson

RB Carlos Hyde

WR Dez

WR T.Y Hilton

WR Macklin

TE Kelce

K Parkey

Def St. Louis


BTW, Joseph Randle went at 141...... a starting RB that wasn't taken until the 14th round? I didn't want him, but that surprised me.

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This is a 10 team league??? Sorry man but crapped the bed is more like it



I appreciate your honesty..... but many were on autopick, and you get what you get, I picked 8th, and took Dez with my first pick. Funny enough, they said I "wet the bed" but also called me a likely playoff team.... so I guess I will see.


EDIT... yes, I am weak at RB, but I picked 8th, and the first 7 picks were RBs.

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