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Ryan Tannehill


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So Tannehill is being ranked in the top 12 from the sites I use. I'm trying to decide where I want to put him. He finished well last season, his o-line is fairly good from what I've been reading, but I'm iffy on his receivers. Greg Jennings shouldn't be a WR2 on any team except maybe the Jets or Raiders(cause they're so bad), Stills to me isn't proven enough to say he's a WR1. The rookie is supposed to be a great player in the making, but how often does an Odell Beckham or Calvin Johnson come along? Jarvis Landry isn't proven enough for me. Same for Jordan Cameron. He had a great year, then a nothing year.


For me there's too many maybes in the receiving corp. RBs are not going to be doing much catching. The run game will help keep defenses 'honest', but I dunno.


I'm undecided if where he should be in rankings, so I thought I'd ask for your guys thoughts.

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Last year Tannehill was the 8th highest scoring quarterback. But he scored only 40 more fantasy points than the 17th highest scoring quarterback. And losing Mike Wallace will hurt. A quarterback equal to Tannehill will be available in rounds 10-13. Why waste a higher pick? I might even prefer to have a quarterback like Eli, Romo, Brady, Stafford, Newton or Rivers.



I agree with most of this except the part about losing Wallce hurting. I'd say that Tannehill has better receiving weapons this year than last. Stills > Wallace, Cameron > Clay, Landry has a year of experience now, and they added Parker.

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