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PPR Draft Options

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Due to a series of trades, I wound up with the overall number 1, 7, and 18 picks and lost my third round pick in a 12 man PPR league. I hope to walk away from those picks with 1 top RB, and 2 top WR's. This is my first time in a PPR league, so I'm not sure how to value each position. Anyways, when should I pull the trigger on a RB? I can either draft my choice of RB at 1, then whatever receivers are available, or draft Brown at 1, then whichever of the top RB's fall to 7; or take the top WR's at 1 and 7, then hope that a good RB falls to 18. What are everyone's thoughts to ensure that I get the best value for each pick?

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You have to be adaptable in any draft because 9/10 if you say I'm going to draft these 3 specific players at least 1 of them won't be there when you pick. With that said I think you should come out of the first 3 picks with 1WR/2RB or 1RB/2WR. I personally would lean 2 RB and 1 WR because since you are without your 3rd round pick you won't be picking until 42nd in the 4th round which may be too late to get a good RB2 but there may still be above average WR2's. If I were you I'd take Brown 1st, a top RB at 7, maybe one of the top 5 fall, if not take whichever you like best after them(unless you decide to go the 2 WR/1 RB route in which case I'd take Julio, Dez, Green, OBJ, Calvin, etc.), then take whatever top RB is left at 18(Maybe Hill? Don't really know ADP's as I'm more of an auction guy myself). Just a few suggestions, but obviously you may have to change tactics because people will reach on players and others will fall.

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What are your lineup requirements?


Either way, you really need to be flexible and go for best player available at each pick. But, for example, if you only require 1 RB, 3 WRs and have no flex, no point targeting a 2nd RB there, things like that.


That said, assuming the league is set up fairly standard in terms of scoring/lineup requirements, I'm most likely grabbing an RB with the #1 pick (unless you can trade down and get some other assets for it) then impossible to say for the others as it depends on who my opponents take and who I think will be there at the next pick.

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