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Huge Keeper/Pick Trade

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Need some advice guys, and it's probably obvious but I need some help. Let me lay down some quick info...10-Team Standard League, Keepers (lose this year's pick in the round your keeper was drafted in last year). My keepers are trash because of bad trades, but as of right now they are Benjamin (9th Rd) and Crowell (16th). I have the #3 overall pick, and a guy offered me Rodgers (3rd Rd) and Lamar Miller (8th Rd) for my 2nd Rd Pick (18th overall). We would also swap picks in the 5th to give him a leg up. I think I would also get his 12th Rd Pick. This would allow me to keep Rodgers and Miller and probably draft Demaryius Thomas at #3 because almost all the stud RBs are being kept. I wouldn't have an actual pick after that until the 4th Rd. what do you guys think?! Should I pull the trigger?

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So with taking this trade you lose your 2nd and 3rd round picks or I think you are saying you get both Rodgers and Miller for second and can keep them going forward for a (3rd, 8th rd). In the end having a pick until the 4th hurts way too much I would not do this trade. The cost of a 2nd and 3rd for Rodgers and Miller is not worth it.. plus I assume you lose your 8th round for Miller too? This guy wants more picks because rookies and upside potential keepers are a premium. You need your second round pick I don't think L.Miller fills that void although good value you can't afford to lose picks. Benji is great value so is Crowell not the sexiest RB but serviceable at this point for a 16th pick.

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You can definitely make it work and it's a decent trade I think though losing a 2nd and using your third for Rodgers pigeon holes you into a stradegy of chasing RB's and possibly WR's. If you were getting A.Rodgers and for example D.Murray, Shady McCoy or Jemery Hill I'd be more interested, I like Miller and Miami offense and the value of the 8th but Miller could be pushed hard by a talented Boise State Rookie in Jay Ajayi.. might be a low risk that it happens but I'd just get into the draft and see what the field is instead of locking onto guys this early. This guy is probably throwing these guys back or he doesn't want Rodgers with his 3rd pick.. make him eat it.

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