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2 keepers and im torn about what to do


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im in a 12 team standard league again this season.


i drafted eddie lacy in the first round last year

julio jones 2nd round

grabbed ODell beckham off the wire


we get penalized and lose that rounf pick for whoever we keep


Ex if i keep lacy, i wont pick first round this season


out of the all the 12 teams ive glanced over all the rosters from last year and im banking on Mccoy, AP, charles, forte and lynch and luck being kept.


Those were all first rounf picks.


the other teams drafted Peyton, graham, foster,calvin, first round and i dnt think theyre going to keep them so they will be in the first round picking order


so ill have roughly 1/2 the other teams drafting first rounf with me if i keep julio and odell.


]my gut is telling me to keep lacy for sure but others have said keep julio and odell.


im torn and i need help everybody what do you think?? thanks!!!

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Do you know your draft order yet? That would have some bearing on which way I'd lean, as if you have the first pick after keepers are accounted for, you obviously don't keep Lacy as you could redraft him if you believe he is the best available player, whereas if you would have the last pick, it may make more sense to keep him.

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not knowing the draft order is a big wild card...if you pick last you obviously shouldve taken Lacy and if you are first then Julio is the easy choice.


Depends how risky you are feeling, safe bet is Lacy. If people usually keep first rounders then the top RBs will likely be gone, part of the decision is knowing your league and peoples keeper tendencies.

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