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Trade Advice?

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10 team fantasy football league. Standard head to head. QB TD's are worth 6 points. My current starting QB is Matt Ryan. Here is the rest of my lineup:


QB Matt Ryan

RB Matt Forte

RB Alfred Morris

WR DeAndre Hopkins

WR Jordan Mattews

TE Gronk

Flex RB Latavius Murray



RB TJ Yeldon

WR Roddy White

WR Allen Robinson

RB Shane Vereen

WR Charles Johnson

WR Kendall Wright

QB Jameis Winston


I've been offered QB Russell Wilson, WR Andre Johnson, and RB Giovani Bernard for QB Matt Ryan, WR DeAndre Hopkins, and RB TJ Yeldon.


Do I take the trade? Is the improvement at QB worth the slight dropoff in WR and possibly in my RB3/RB4?


Any advice is appreciated!


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Yes you can get ahead with this deal but it will still be close and you really need to be looking for wr depth. In a 10 teamer you'll be undermanned at that position if your Wr1 is Hopkins and your opponent has Julio and AJ green. You should be ok with the deal but I can see if someone recommends you to stay pat.


With Jimmy graham I think Russell will only get better (tds/passing yds) and will still run enough to offset any yardage gains by Matt Ryan who always seems to have injured targets. The real value in the deal in my view is AJ. The guy had Schaub and Fitzpatrick for most of his career and now gets a bonafied stud running qb to deliver the accurate passes that he'll appreciate. Will they be Moss and Brady? I doubt that but I have a feeling that AJ gets 10-12 tds this season with 1 on 1 coverage. Who will be Deandre's qb? Will he get doubled with Blue at Rb for maybe half the season. If Foster returns we all know by now that he'll take another vacation soon.



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Wilson > Ryan

Hopkins > Andre Johnson

Yeldon < Bernard


The reason I think Wilson is better is more success, recent success. He doesn't have a Julio Jones, but he has all decent WRs who won't be getting double teamed. Falcons running game is inferior to the 'Hawks by enough that Atlanta will lean too much on its passing attack(what's his name is too unproven for me right now). Wilson will also be running and the I think he'll be able to stay fresh due to the team being better than most of their opponents and thus able to control the clock(RBs running, short passes, etc.)


As for Yeldon i'm always skeptical of rookies. OBJs are rare. And Yeldon's on the Jaguars. While the Jags do seem to be slowly becoming a good team, they're far from there right now. The Bengals are decent and Bernard has proven himself. Sure Hill is ahead of him on the depth chart, rightly so I think, but he's still going to get a decent amount of touches, it won't be all Jeremy Hill(but a lot of him of course). I prefer a conservative approach in drafting(and i'm usually right, but when it comes to waiver pick ups during the season...not so much).

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Wilson = Ryan. Graham might revolutionize Wilson, or the Seahawks may never throw in the red zone again!! Means targets are healthy again .. Makes the deal moot - so do it solely for the fun of rooting for Wilson, if that's who you prefer.

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Wilson is the clear cut better QB, AJ is on the better (if not best) offense, Hopkins could struggle but will get a lot of the looks although it has to be pretty limited, Yeldon is the guy to have vs GIO, GIO's role weekly is limited... Yeldon is playing on Jax but is the starter.

I think in a 10 team league if you do this trade there is enough on the waiver wire to patch up whoever struggles.

I'd take a risk on AJ and I'd put my money on Wilson over Matty Ice.

Wilson gets you rushing yards, passing and rushing TD potential.

I think I'm doing this trade just because of Wilson, yes Matty Ice could end up with the same FFPTs as Wilson but think Wilson's ceiling is higher, same with AJ and Yeldon has the opportunities but still it's risky with how bad that o-line is in Jax no RB has been able to stay relevant throughtout an entire season since MJD 2009, 2010

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