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A few things to get advice on

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I'm going to be in a standard 12-team draft two weeks from now with the number 8th pick and I've been doing mock drafts lately to get prepared for it. I've usually been able to get CJ Anderson or Forte, but with Foster going down, that means they will go a pick early, and I might miss out of one of them unless someone goes with a WR or TE mid first round. You never know when the actual draft comes around, someone could pick Rodgers or Luck in the first. My question is, with Anderson/Forte off the board, who do you guys think will be the better selection. McCoy, Murray, or Hill. I'm an Eagles fan so I would like to go with Murray, but I have my doubts. Bill's QB situation couldn't get much worse so McCoy will get his fair share of carries. As for Hill, I use to be able to land him in the second round, but I don't think that will happen without some luck.


My other question is about my second round selection, I don't think I will get Hill unless I get him in the first round or everyone goes with a WR in the second round which would have him drop to me. After Hill, the RB position takes a hit in my option. Should I take a chance on taking Ingram early? If I do that, I would be passing on Calvin Johnson and AJ Green. Is Ingram worth it? Any advice would be nice.



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That's a tough one too. I had hill last year and I would draft him again. I also had Ingram in another league and he will be a beast this year without graham. Reports have been saying to grab Ingram and even reach for him if you can.


I doubt hill will be the bell cow rb on a pass first offense on the bengals. He will share with gio.


They're already saying Broncos will probably have a committee backfield also. I don't have big thoughts on CJ yeah he tore it up last year but I don't see it happening again.


You are correct tho, after the 2nd round, rbs take a big hit and most of the good ones are usually gone but every draft I've been in, one or 2 maybe more people shock you with their first and second round picks. I've seen people reach far in those rounds and if that happens in tour draft "which it may" that should push some more rbs down tour way. Hope this helps and thanks for your response to my post.

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Way too many variables will happen in front of your picks in 1st and second round to pigeon hole yourself on debating positions going in. Take a look at the article here about top 10's year to year. RBs can be a major crapshoot.


I'd see what happens before my pick at #8 and if all the top tier RBS are gone, I'd go for the top WR, then back that up with a good RB. If a good top tier RB is left to me at #8, then I grab one there.


Bottom line, don't reach - take the player who you think will score you the most points!

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Out of those 3 I like Hill. I also like Justin Forssett. It may not be so in all drafts but at #8 I'd say take a WR or Gronk IF you don't have the pick of the guy you want. In most of the mocks iv done on fantasyfootballcalculator.com, Forssett and Hill have been making it back around to the mid-late 2nd round because after the 1st everyone starts in on the Recievers.


So hypothetically you could take say Dez Bryant at 8 (assuming Brown is gone), come back at 16 and take Jeremy Hill.

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Demarco would be my choice with no ppr. His qb situation may not be as bad as you think. Murray is a good pass catcher and they have good enough w/ts to keep defs honest while Murray works behind that great line.

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