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Strategy Help: 2nd Pick(12 Team) 1 pnt PPR, scoring, starting Lineup info in post!


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The Regular season is short Week 1-11 to make the playoff. So taking LeVeon Bell, being suspended two games might be a problem.
Part 1 – Regular season Weeks 1-11
Part 2 – League Playoffs Weeks 12 & 13
Part 3 – Championship Round and Consolation Round Weeks 14-16


Scoring: These are FFPC and Footballguys Championship Rules. Tight Ends gets 1.5 points for PPR. Check out the rest below.


0.05 point – 1 yard passing (multiply total passing yards by 0.05. Example: 275 passing yards = 13.75 fantasy points)
4 points – Passing TD
-1 point – Interception thrown
2 points – 2-point conversion


0.1 point – 1 yard rushing (multiply total rushing yards by 0.1. Example 126 rushing yards= 12.6 fantasy points)
6 points – Rushing TD
2 points – 2-point conversion


0.1 point – 1 yard receiving (multiply total receiving yards by 0.1. Example 126 receiving yards= 12.6 fantasy points)
6 points – Receiving TD
1 point – Reception for RB, WR, QB, K
1.5 points – Reception for TEs
2 points – 2-point conversion

Starting Lineup : 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 2 Flex(RB,WR,TE), Kicker, Defense 10 other spots for a total of 20 rounds.

Here is my question. I have the 2nd pick in the draft. This is a serpentine draft. I am trying to figure out who to pick and which position to go after first. Every year has been easy, usually, this high you take one of the stud RB's or Calvin Johnson. This year their is no clear cut Number 1-10.
Here are most of the guys who would be in consideration.

Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Eddy Lacy, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Marshawn Lynch, CJ Anderson.

In no particular order, it most likely should be one of these guy(Antonio Brown, L. Bell, Charles, AP, Lacy, Bryant, Beckham or Thomas). I am leaning on taking one of the RB's or possilbly Antonio Brown or Bryant. So confused this year.

Please let me know who you think I should draft and why based on my starting lineup and scoring.


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Take a stud RB like Leveon, Lacy, or AP because when your second pick rolls around your options at WR are going to be way better than the RBs available then.

You would take LeVeon with the 2 game suspension in my league where our regular season is weeks 1 through 11? Would you take AP, Lacy or maybe Charles and my now Darkhorse, CJ Anderson, or just go with Bell?

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Bell is going to be a stud even with the suspension two games is nothing and it is a PPR and Bell with be catching passes too. There is no bye weeks the in the first two games so you will have options plus if you lose week 1 or 2 you have the possibility of being first on waivers to have your pick of whoever you want to acquire. Bell is going to be consistent but you cant go wrong with AP or Lacy and even Charles. If you are a firm believer in handcuff backs I would pick Charles and then get Kniles Davis later as insurance. Between AP, Bell, Lacy and Charles, Charles has the best handcuff for insurance in case your stud goes down.

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I do like CJ Anderson too this season in the Kubiak zone blocking scheme but he is just too rich for my blood and he won me one of my leagues last season but where he is going now is just too much risk for me. In the early rounds I try to shoot for the safest proven talent and go for the lottery tickets in the later rounds.

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At position 2 you have to go RB in the set up you described. Lots more WR1s than RB1s available this year. I'm skeptical of AP and Anderson and I agree you shouldn't take Bell with his 2 game suspension. So its Lacy or Charles. I haven't decided which one is better than the other. Its such a slight difference regardless. So I suggest deciding between those two. I'm leaning Charles because Lacy's had two concussions or at least one concussion(college) and one head to head he passed out from. Charles hasn't had any of those in the NFL, not sure about college years.

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