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Keeper Advice - Tough Choices


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Standard scoring w/ PPR. I can keep up to three players totaling 24 points (point values based of draft position, listed below). Players can only be kept for 3 years. If a player is kept you lose the draft pick associated with them.


Player Pick Points Years

Matt Forte (Chi - RB) 1 14 2

Julio Jones (Atl - WR) 2 13 2

Eddie Lacy (GB - RB) 4 11 3

Antonio Brown (Pit - WR) 5 10 3

Greg Olsen (Car - TE) 7 8 2

DeAndre Hopkins (Hou - WR) 8 7 2

Alshon Jeffery (Chi - WR) 12 3 3


Last year I kept Lacy, Brown, and Jeffery and it worked out great, they are all big value keeps. This year I could keep them again but I would lose them after this year. Alternatively I could trade them to get some value, although that does reset them and the new owner gets to keep them for up to 3 years.


I have been proposed a couple trades that I am considering.


Give Brown and Jeffery, get Le-Veon Bell (pick 12, 3 points) and Steve Smith Sr (Pick 14, 1 point).


Give Eddie Lacy and my 5th round pick, get a 3rd round pick.


i could do both of those trades and keep Bell, Julio Jones, and Greg Olson. I could probably trade Steve Smith to move up a bit somewhere in the draft to someone that needs a 1 point keeper. I would be locking in Bell for 3 years at an insane draft point but would be giving someone else in the league two really good values as well.



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would keep your original 3 to be honest, great value there for you to scoop some great players in your first 3 rounds. I wouldn't give those guys up to anyone to keep for another 3 years and give yourself a chance to redraft them next year. Bell is obviously a solid back and great value at 12, but he's still potentially out for the first 3 games, and it's not an even trade for Jeffery and Brown. Steve smith lit it up last year but I highly doubt he will produce the same numbers this year. You are keeping a great core with your original 3, while still having your first 3 picks open. You can build a great team around those guys.

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Thanks for the response Trichardbann. Those 3 are definitely great value and last year's choice was a no-brainer. I am leaning towards keeping them as well, I am probably overthinking it and putting too much weight on locking in a guaranteed value (Bell) for 3 years. If I keep them I might be able to get some small value out of Hopkins or Olsen and move up somewhere (there are a couple teams that have terrible options).

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