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I'm in a Yahoo league that allows 3 keepers from the previous year. The 3 keepers are your first 3 picks (no cost) and the draft proceeds from there. I have CJ Anderson, Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, and Randall Cobb. Because we can only keep 3, I've offered Anderson/Green to the owners of Eddie Lacy and Jamaal Charles, but neither owner will respond to me. Should I make the same offer to the owner of Marshawn Lynch (AP's owner already has 3 strong keepers)?


If those fall through, which 3 should I keep?


Thanks for the advice all!

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I would keep the WR's, and roll that direction with getting all RB's. Especially if you can start all three WR's that'll be the strongest WR group hands down, possession TD monsters. CJ Anderson could have a good or great year or you don't know what kind of year any Denver back will have because they have other options or if he gets hurt.. over the other WR's would be tough especially now that Cobb gets the WR1 and become the darker version of the whitest WR on the planet (Jordy white lightning Nelson).

You could have 30+ TDs at the WR spot easy with those guys that's a lot, you'll pay way too much for one of those elite RB's you mentioned don't overpay and give two elite WR's for one RB the balance isn't in your favor even if AP was 2k apy and 12td's he won't match any combo of the wr's you have they'll all be well over 1k each and possibly 10+ tds. I'm throwing CJ back in and grabbing CJ again or a back similar to replace.


WR keepers = very high ceilings and very low floors

just saying, you can find RB's that will complement those elite WR's.. even if you have to allocate a spot or two more for RBs on your bench you have 3 WR starters you never have to mess with.. grab mid level RB talent, take a couple flyers on some rookie RB's hope they emerge and just manage streaming RB's to strengthen that area.

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