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Auction Keeper League Help


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Auction Draft with up to 3 Keepers if you choose. You can keep no one and start with a $200 budget. Or keep players which is taken off of the $200 starting amount. Can not keep 3 guys at the same position. Regular Scoring. 10 Team League.


Can keep at an inflated price from draft last year.



Antonio Brown: Keep for $44. Estimated ESPN Price is $51

Odell Beckham: Keep for $13. Estimated ESPN Price is $40

P. Manning: Keep for $43. Estimated ESPN Price is $22

Deandre Hopkins: Keep for $13. Estimated ESPN Price is $30

Latavius Murray: Keep for $18. Estimated ESPN Price is $14

Jordan Matthews: Keep for $13. Estimated ESPN Price is $28


Rest that probably aren't worth keeping: Matt Ryan, FJax, Daniel Herron, Larry Donnell, Chris Ivory, Isiah Crowell.


I was leaning towards the A. Brown, OBJ, and Murray but now I am leaning towards OBJ, Hopkins, and Murray.


My thoughts. A. Brown will be $44 yet is going for $51 which is a little bit of value but not great value. Instead go with Hopkins for $13, he is currently going around $30 which is really good value. So keep ODJ for really good value. Keep Hopkins for really good value. And keep Murray for a little more then he is projected but he should be the starter and I like a lot


So go expensive route and get the #1 WR or go the value route and keep Hopkins but have more money to play with during the draft.








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OBJ, Matthews and Murray and I'm sleeping like a baby.. great value and a lot of cap to work with to get a true RB1, another stud WR and top 5 QB to boot!. $44 spent on a WR1, WR2 (solid) and RB2... Matthews and OBJ values could be double/triple.

I think you can get A.Brown back for whatever the price is.. the amount you save on OBJ (should be about 38-40 based on what you're showing above) and Matthews $30's.. Hopkins is talented but HOU hurts his value significantly. Matthews, OBJ and Murray lock it in and spend what you want on Brown/JJ/Dez/ DT/ Megatron.. you'll have money to allocate for a couple big time elites.


The estimated value is a calculation, it doesn't factor the name-boner people get when they associate the monopoly money they can spend for one of the hottest names at WR (OBJ).. also as the elite names get swooped up those values increase tremendously.. the last two guys bidding on their RB2's that bought everything else first but now are fighting for Isaiah Crowell end up paying double triple the value as they in dire need to not have to go into the season with something called Alfred Blue as there RB2 (ok that's a bit fabricated but essentially it seems to happen like that, desperate owners overpaying on names or running out of starting talent).

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Completely your choice the only reason I say Matthews is the shear volume of plays (passing plays) the Eagles do, they don't balance the run to setup the pass, they pass to setup the pass.. Matthews is the WR1 and the Eagles have a couple of QB's that are capable compared to the Houston situation. I have Hopkins in Dynasty and I can't get rid of him but I'm in hopes he continues to be one of the positive things in Houston.. Hopkins carries more risk and I think Matthews is safer with the same ceiling as Hopkins, I could be wrong Hopkins is pretty awesome I'm not giving much credit to something called Brian Hoyer or Mallett. Literally any other team and I'd be happy with Hopkins.

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ODB, Murray, Matthews...while everyone is spending 40-50/each to land 2 elite WR, you have one and an extra 30-40 to spend which you can allocate to maybe overpay for a Brown and an elite RB. So if you have to get Brown at 60 that's 73 for 2 or around 36/37 each which is well below what they would both go for. Might factor in to what others choose to do, if they spend up all their money on keepers you might be sitting in the drivers seat when it comes time to up the bid.

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